19 feb. 2012

Khader Adnan: Inte bara bagare, terrorledare också!

Världen över rapporteras nu om Khader Adnan, palestiniern som hålls fången av Israel utan rättegång. Jag läste det när jag bläddrade igenom Flipboard tidigare idag både på The Guardian och Al-Jazeera. Så här skriver Guardian:
A Palestinian prisoner on his 61st day of hunger strike while shackled to a bed in an Israeli hospital is in immediate danger of death, according to a medical report submitted to the supreme court in an effort to secure his release. 
Khader Adnan, 33, a baker from a village near Jenin, is being held without charge by the Israeli authorities under a four-month term of "administrative detention". He began his hunger strike on 18 December, the day after being arrested.
Elder of Ziyon har bloggat om bakgrunden till varför Adnan hålls av Israel. Han pekar på två viktiga poänger:
One is that Adnan is a leader of Islamic Jihad, the most hard-line terrorist group in the territories. He has been a leader of the group for years, calling for Islamic Jihad to continue to have weapons even under PA rule. 
He was arrested by the PA as well, and even embarked on a hunger strike against the Abbas regime while in PA jail only a year previous to the current hunger strike. 
The other is that administrative detention is perfectly legal and necessary.
Han citerar en artikel från Israel Hayom:
Israeli military officials generally use administrative detention to hold Palestinians who are believed to be an imminent risk to the country’s security. They say that if the evidence against the accused was made public, it would expose Israeli intelligence-gathering networks in the Palestinian territories. They say the process is under full judicial review by Israel’s military and the Supreme Court.
Så Adnan är lite mer än bara en bagare.

Jag gissar att denna nyhet snart dyker upp på ett TT-telegram.

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Natalie sa...

Bombbagare förmodligen.

Erik S sa...

Hans bakverk är "da bomb".