23 jan. 2012

Kritiserade Hamas, blev knivhuggen

För en tid sedan kritiserade Mahmoud abu Rahma Hamas. Som en följd av detta blev han knivhuggen. Global Post skriver att han nu lämnat sjukhuset:
Palestinian activist Mahmoud abu Rahma was released from the hospital Wednesday after he was stabbed and critically wounded last week. 
Rahma is the director of international relations at the Gaza Strip-based Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, and is known for speaking out against Palestinian militants and leaders, The Los Angeles Times reported.  
His masked attackers approached him on Friday night as he left his brother's home in Gaza, and stabbed him in the back, leg and shoulder. They remain unknown. 
According to Al Mezan, Rahma was also attacked on Jan. 3 outside his own home, but he was not injured, The Jerusalem Post reported.
"Abu Rahma has received many threats on his mobile and email, including messages threatening his safety and life," Al Mezan Center said in a statement released Wednesday.
The attacks were most likely motivated by a recent article the activist penned for Maan News Agency, an independent Palestinian news source, titled "The Gap Between Resistance and Governance."
The piece criticized Palestinian government officials and resistance movements for silencing critics, detaining and torturing political opponents, and endangering civilians by placing military stations in residential neighborhoods, the Times reported. 
SvDs korrespondent Bitte Hammargren har på twitter noterat att abu Rahma blivit knivhuggen. Men det är inget som letat sig in i hennes krönikor.

Det här med bristen på demokrati i den palestinska rörelsen är inget gångbart tema för krönikor i de etablerade mediekanalerna.

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