9 nov. 2010

Driv bordell - nedgradering. Kritisera EU - sparken!

Daniel Hannan, EU-kritisk eu-kommissionär, skriver på sin blogg om vad som krävs för att få sparken som EU-anställd:
Cause an accident by driving one of the European Commission’s cars while drunk and you can expect to be reprimanded. Get into a brawl in a Commission building and your promotion will be delayed. Fiddle your expenses and you might actually be moved to a different post. Be found guilty by a criminal court of “living off immoral earnings and keeping a brothel” and you will be downgraded. Get yourself convicted for paedophile offences and you will have your pension cut.

But write a book attacking the euro (as Bernard Connolly did) or go public with your concerns about fraud in the budget (as Marta Andreasen did) and you will be dismissed.

Via Mattias $venssons facebooksida.

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